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Getting Past Getting Stuck

One thing I learned in that stand up spot to the 80 women was about getting stuck.

My First Stand Up

My First Stand Up

I’ve always enjoyed comedy. Back in my teens I used to collect the albums of comedians like Bill Cosby and later George Carlin. But I especially got turned on to the Monty Python comedy group. They’re random turns in topic and crazy dry sense of humour appealed to me. I think my very first stand up comedy routine happened in my grad 11 high school class. The teacher left the class suddenly to tend to something at the office. The class sat there for a minute silently working on their assignments. Then this crazy idea came into my head.

How Do You Find An Audience?

I've tried the stand up for only a while now (about 4 or 5 attempts). But it's been enough to get a sense of what audience I feel will find my humour to their taste. 

Love is in my pants

Scene 1: Int. Ayrton?s house

Home, A man's castle!...



Series 2: Fat Adults.

Episode 1: Marriage.

Teen Trouble

Reon: the playboy with no job and gets drunk