"To Reach [Tonight's Host]..."

My Comedic-Writing Epiphany: Spotting The Extraordinary In The Ordinary

"I doubt the credibility of every motion picture and television sitcom I've seen. They all seemed so scripted to me." -- James Alex Gerard

"I doubt the credibility of every live theatrical performance I've seen. They all seemed so staged to me." -- James Alex Gerard

Years ago, when I was a corporate-America slob, I tried to write comedy on the side. Although I did a few things, it never added up to what I wanted to do. Or thought I was capable of doing.

Political Humor; Fair Comment And Criticism

Mistake Yields 'The Sweet 17,' Basketball-Tournament Spokesperson Admits

For an alternative radio talk-show guest: (a comedic script)

Setting Goals

Setting Goals

Fail to plan= Plan to fail

My biggest fan and really, the one who pushed me onto performing, instead of just writing, has been my wife. And in all of our thirty plus year history together she’s been the one with unstoppable drive. That opening statement is what she’s spoken out to our children and I over all these years; that and setting goals.

Commercial for Lotto
I Shook Up the World: