we all need friends song

we all need friends song

(2m)   by gritt brewer

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you can bake a cake person, that would look a treat, would'nt make a good buddy, though be sure good to eat

for honor and loyalty are heaven sent, ain't no way to buy those ingredients

you can knit a jumper, but you cant knit a friend, who'll be at your side until the end

ain't no wool that can forge a friendship deep, cos there ain't no such thing as integrity sheep

for we all need friends cept loners and hermits

don't matter if we're different like Miss Piggies and Kermits

oh yeah we all need friends, even the vague and the stupid

just pray to saint Platonica , first cousin of Cupid


you can sculpt a statue, and chisel a chum, but he'll be forever aloof and make you glum

comradeship is a celebration of trust, you'll get nothing as robust from a cold plastic bust

you can make a snowman, but hes no long term pal, only there when weather is not normal

someone we respect and know will never demean us, should'nt have sprouts for gonads and a courgette penis

for we all need friends, just a process of picking

don't matter if we're different , like Gonzo and his chickens

we all need friends, even the evil and the boring

even Hitler had Hess, and Herman Goering


its like swimming with dolphins, in your shiny new speedos

the well balanced type, that would'nt  carry torpedoes

if you disrespect him, you'll inspire fear and loathing

he'll flip like a coin, become a shark in Flippers clothing

we all need friends, who are there to make a fuss

don't matter if you're different, like Big Bird and Mister Snufflelopbigus

we all need friends, even the strange and the demented

that's why the internet was invented

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why not make a friend today by singing this song to them

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