The Walking Skank

The Walking Skank

(1.5m)   by ricardo360x

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Two girls die in a tragic car accident while driving to a party on the outsides of town. A couple of hours after the crash both girls crawl out of the car with wounds all over their bodies. Turns out they've come back as zombies. One of the girls takes a closer look at the other and says:

Zombie #1: Girl! Your face is all messed up! You okay?!

Zombie # 2: Bitch! You look like you tried to run away from your pimp! What the hell happened to you?!

Zombie #1: I think we crashed the car. What are we gonna do girl?!

Zombie #2: I don't know but I ain`t paying for no car!

Zombie #1: Oh I ain`t paying for no car either!

Zombie #2: What time is it?

Zombie #1: I don't know. Why?

Zombie #2: The party girl! If I don't go that hoe Alyssha is going to be all over my man!

Zombie #1: What are you waiti`n for?! Let's go!

Zombie #2: I'm getting hungry though. Do you have anything to eat?

Zombie #1: I have orange flavored lip-gloss. Do you wanna lick that?

Zombie #2: The only thing I wanna lick is at the party! And I won't get any if we don't start movi`n!

Zombie #1: Girl you nasty!

The two girls make it to the road only to realize that they don't have a way to get to the party.

Zombie #2: Damn! How are we going to get there?

Zombie #1: We ask for a ride if someone passes by.

Zombie #2: Who`s going to pick up a girl with a busted face and all covered in blood! I`ll ask for the ride. You stay here.

Zombie #1: Oh hell no! You think you look better than me with that busted up leg and that hole in your head! Girl you dreamin!

Zombie #2: What hole?!

Zombie # 2 touches her head and realize there is a big hole and part of her head is missing.

Zombie #2: Why didn't you tell me there was a hole in my head?!

Zombie #1: You can't point at people's holes in their head. That's rude!

At this moment both girls had moved to middle of the road while arguing and didn't see the truck coming at them. They got hit and both of their heads went flying through the air and landed almost next to each other.

Zombie #1: Girl! We got hit again!

Zombie #2: Girl! I know!

Zombie #1: Where are our bodies?!

Zombie #2: I don't know! But I ain`t gonna let that hoe Alyssha take my man! Bitch roll!

Zombie #1: Okay girl!

The two girls rolled into the night only to be run over by a car a couple of minutes later.

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