sweet river on my mind

sweet river on my mind

(1.5m)   by gritt brewer

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in days of old when we were young, we went to the riverside

waiting for the depressed folk, with thoughts of suicide

in they'd jump and thrash about, soon you'd have a floater

you'd have your paddle at the ready, twas time to be a boater

for you had to have a fresh one, you had to play it smart

the old ones bloated, were full of gas and always fell apart



i have travelled far and long, like a super models thong

roamed the valleys and the plains

but always i find, that sweet river on my mind

its full bodied waters are flowing through my veins


sometimes things were slow, for hours you'd have to wait

for another outing, and someone to row away

sometimes we had a sicko, who'd try something new

he'd hollow out somebody, to have him his own canoe

sometimes we'd be spoilt for choice, and you could'nt help but laugh

as we tied them altogether, and built ourselves a raft


some days we would travel far, meet lads from other towns

check out each others floaters, and maybe swap around

there was always friendly rivalry, and exciting games to play

like full scale reenactments of the Battle Of Midway

i was proud to be on the winning side, and even more proud of Tim

who happened to be my boat that day, cos his wife ran off on him


won't be long before my river starts to slow

as i see sewage like treacle adding to its flow

see sickly looking trout, endangered like the white rhino

see truckers dumping dead prostitutes, in weighted rolls of lino

see shopping trolleys at low tide, may they rust in peace

fish out a sack of mongrels, sell them to the local chinese

see condoms floating all around, like anorexic jellyfish

see some old seal chewing one, saying what the fuck is this

see a wino on the quayside, as at the sky he shouts

one of the many sites to behold, as you row your corpse about

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every one should have at least one song about a river, stream , canal, or lake. stream songs are generally the hardest to do as not a lot happens

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