old Irish courting song

old Irish courting song

(2m)   by gritt brewer

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my father died and left me land, twas a wondrous day

so off i go and courting to find a willing maid

she must be a comely wench, with child bearing thighs

who'll breed for me a hurling team, and plenty more besides


Scooby Scooby Scooby Scooby Scooby Scooby do

tis off i go a courting to find a love so true


i took off up the high road, one evening late in may

where i spied a young maiden, her hair as yellow as hay

i asked her for her name, she said her name was Sean

for i am a transvestite, from dusk till early dawn


so i headed down the low road, to the county of Kerry

where i spied a young lass, her cheeks as red as cherry

i gave to her a silken scarf, said what'll you give to me

Scarbotic mange or Syphilis, take your pick says she


so i hastened up the country, to a sweet place called Offaly

i bumped into a beauty, who cast her eye at me

i asked her did she love me, she said surely i do

and when i asked her how much, she said a quickie is shillings two


i headed to the west coast, to the county Clare

where i spied a stunner, who gave me a beguiling stare

would you like fellatio, said this hussy from Ennis

i said i could'nt tell you, i never read the Merchant of Venice


went back to my hometown, the town i love so well

had to make a decision boys, begod it was surely hell

i could not afford the whores, and i did not want disease

so it had to be the lad in the dress, and a life of buggery

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in the days before tinder you had to hire a horse and spin around asking fair maidens for their hand, then you would live happily ever after knocking out a child every nine months

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