murder stick

murder stick

(2m)   by gritt brewer

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see the lads with bloodied shirts, and no earthly fear, in love with a tradition despite their tender years

a new generation learning the trick, of how to stay alive in the game of murder stick


hacking at each other, and cracking many heads, ref checking to see if there is anyone dead

for you have to be hard, and you have to be quick, to stay alive in the game of murder stick


the ref is anxious, thinks someone may be dying, might have to red card the killer, send him to the line

you need luck on your side and a good medic, if you're gonna stay alive in the game of murder stick


the crowd on the sideline excitedly bays,they sense the grim reaper is not far away

the blood on the field is like a oil slick, no quarter given in the game of murder stick


half time arrives with many points scored, and more on the way from the blood transfusion board

no place for the cowardly, the feeble or sick, the weak are weeded early in the game of murder stick


the trainers remind lads, sharpen up your skills, for to be a all star you need ten confirmed kills

for only gladiators can be that barbaric, to fight another day in the game of murder stick


watch the old toothless veteran, the hardiest of souls, catch the sliotar in his mouth and spit three goals

more dangerous than Strychnine, worse than Arsenic, in the pastime of warriors, the game of murder stick


full time arrives and most have survived, one of the newly widowed has to be revived

for the clash of the ash can be tragic, a small price to pay for the game of murder stick


a heartfelt tribute for the dead will commence, a well observed minute of pure violence

those who disrespect it are but heretics, long live our religion the game of murder stick

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Irelands national game is one of the worlds best kept secrets. when is the world going to wake up

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2m Comedy Skits - murder stick