housing crisis song

housing crisis song

(2m)   by gritt brewer

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old woman nineteen kids, her life truly hit the skids

her old man gambled loads, she was left without abode

she found herself down and out, thrown out on the streets

like a worm with rigir mortis, she could'nt make ends meet

she asked the government, what you gonna do

the bastards said, here's a great big fucking shoe


what did what did what did the government do

they gave a desperate woman a old shoe

what did what did what did the general public say

they said fuck all, just turned their face away


powers that be did not care, they had no shame

even thought it was funny, Mrs Lacey was her name

lucky to even get a shoe, her treatment was appalling

they were going to give her a sandal, covered with tarpaulin


the autocrats relented, gave her a small Italian loafer

she had to throw six kids out, along with her best sofa

the leather wore, how she swore, for the stench it did defeat her

she was quoted for five thousand pounds, for a odor eater

for pities sake give me a break, from my kids I'm not a parting

fuck you and your sensible shoe, i want a sixteen hole dock martin


giving a straw house to a pig is sick

and so is giving his brother one of stick

and so is the other trotter brother getting brick

yet the old woman is treated like swine, how ironic

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as a fan of folk music, the protest song is dear to my heart

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2m Comedy Skits - housing crisis song