Battle Plans

Battle Plans

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0500 hours, a general wakes his students up and calls them for duty

Sergeant: Form a line like in a buffet
(Solders make line)
Sergeant: Good. Today, I wanted to do something special. I think we should go to battle with the British!
(Solders moan)
Sergeant: What seems to be wrong with you?
Solider 1: We've already fought the British over 70 times already!
Sergeant: Don't you wanna make it 71?
Solder 1: No sir
Sergeant: Fine not the British! How about the Russians?
(More moaning)
Sergeant: NOW WHAT?
Solider 2: Russians have already tried to battle us
Sergeant: And your point is?
Solider 1: We don't wanna battle them!
Sergeant: Ok then! Instead of Russians..... AHA! Germans
Sergeant: Chinese?
Solider 3: Remember the agreement?
Sergeant: Fine! Africans!
Solider 1: (Racist joke) No they have more to deal with
Sergeant: Mexicans?
(More moaning)
Sergeant: Fine! Americans!
Soliders: YEAH!
Sergeant: You wanna fight the Americans?
Solider 1: YES!
Sergeant: Fine! Let's go!
Soilders: Yeah! (Gets guns out and shoots sergeant)
Solider 1: You walked into that one bud
A couple sees the shooting happening
Wife: Should we do something about it?
Husband: Naw. They can deal with it themselves
End of skit

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This is a skit I thought about a few days ago. It involves a sergeant manning his troops and planning on going to battle. He and his army have a fight and they eventually do get into a battle...

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I would like to use this script in a video.

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