Tiny House

Tiny House

(1m)   by samuel zehr

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So everyone now-a-days is obsessed with the whole "Tiny-Living", Tiny-house, hashtag van life movement that's going on...I mean I live in a van...And it aint' because I'm a fucking minimalist... I get people walking up to me all the time saying, "Wow that's so cool! You live in a van! Very organic! Very green bro! Waita' save the earth bud!"....and it's like I'm just thinking in my head "Can't you see that I'm a fucking alcoholic". I would live in a house if I could get sober. Then people are always asking questions about my appearance , "Did you get that stain on your pants from when you built out your van?" No!!! that stain is a combination of shit and piss because I blacked out last night after chugging a few 211's....fucking van life.  

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