Prince Charming

Prince Charming

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Do you know how when you meet that person you were meant to spent the rest of your life with starts hugging you and all your worries just disappear? Well if you know, good for you because I certainly don't know. I always thought I would meet my prince charming in the most random way possible. Walking down my dog in the park even though I don't have a dog or exercising at the gym even though I haven't renewed my membership in 3 years or even at the bank while being held hostage in an armed robbery; He would be one of the robbers of course because...why not? We all have these fantasies about meeting the perfect person for us and we start creating our own list of criteria he or she needs to have. Like "knows how to cook", "Takes care of his/her body" or "Hasn't been to jail". But as time passes and we feel more and more lonely we start to slightly adjust our criteria to be less demanding. "Knows how to cook" becomes "Likes to eat what I eat", "Takes care of his/her body" becomes "Slightly less gross than me" and " Hasn't been to jail" becomes "At least manslaughter isn't intentional".

The funny thing is that no matter how much we adjust our criteria, we will never be satisfied, because we deserve better...or so we think. We deserve the best humanity has to offer and of course it has to be free. Sadly must of us don't get the best the world has to offer instead we get "slightly better than the worse" and we learn to compromise. We end up with the guy that has a steady job but is obscenely fat, the girl that is gorgeous but stupid as a rock and that kind of disturbing person that you hope and pray is not a serial killer even though some part of you knows that he is.

For these reasons I decided to stop looking for prince charming; I'm skipping all this process and compromising from the start. So I hope you join me on my wedding next week with the most hideous and mentally challenged man county jail has to offer.

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We are all looking for prince charming.

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2.5m Comedy Monologues - Prince Charming