Issues of the World

Issues of the World

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Me and my brother are twins. We look the same. We don't act the same. He has autism. I don't. But the most biggest issue I have with some people, is that they think that I am him and he is me sometimes! They say his name when they see me! I really don't get it. Even my science teacher can't get it right! He's always like "Conner, what's the answer?" And I'm like, "Who's Conner?" He does recorrect himself though.

Another issue I have with people is how they act. Maybe they had a bad day, or they just wanna suck out the life outta ya! Speaking of people, let's talk about the Pope! He's not a bad guy though! But I heard that a Congressmen stole his cup that he drunk out of and took a picture of him drinking out of the cup and sharing it with his family! Are you insane? You'd better be happy the Pope wasn't there! He would've smacked the sense out of you!

One more thing before I go, I don't know why people hate Adam Sandler! He is actually pretty funny! Please put down your pitchforks and let me explain! His movies aren't that bad. I liked 50 First Dates, Big Daddy, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, the Grown Ups movies, Click, and Blended! People don't know comedy when they see it! Hell, if Jack Black's Goosebumps has about a freaking 80% on Rotten Tomatoes, than Adam Sandler's Pixels doesn't deserve an 11% rating! Ok gotta go! See ya!

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I make some pretty weird observations and I do see weird things! Please don't judge me! Hope I got a laugh out of you!

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Submitted by ahmed (not verified) on Tue, 10/20/2015 - 02:00
hated not loved not good
Submitted by Ding Dong Bao (not verified) on Wed, 10/21/2015 - 13:48
Hello I would like to cement on your skipped. Itt woz not verry funee. You did not include any cleva use of the alfabaret. Here is a sujjeschun. " Wun day a gie was warking allong ther streett amd then he falled over." Seee verry funny. Fank me lata
Submitted by Bob (not verified) on Wed, 10/21/2015 - 13:56
Hihihihihihihihihi I as likewd yur commint becus It is veri gooooood.
Submitted by sully (not verified) on Thu, 02/25/2016 - 01:51
lol what are these comments

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