Gloria The Gooseberry Song

Gloria The Gooseberry Song

(2.5m)   by gritt brewer

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Gloria was a gooseberry, hairy round and green
to be smooth and sexy like a grape, was her only dream
papa I've had enough, she was heard to say
don't want to be snot like jam for weirdos
I want to be Beaujolais

don't want to be hairy and apish, want to be smooth and grapish
want to lose that gooseberry stigma
gonna try real hard, to get into a vineyard
want to be a divine vine dweller enigma

her papa was disgusted, said you're a betrayal to our kind
join those vultures in viticulture, you're no child of mine
she packed her things, had a shave, slowly rolled away
to realize her ambition of being Beaujolais

she reached a vine, settled down, met a really grape guy
who worked as a lifeguard, that's how young Bob got by
Gloria was so happy, she forgot to shave one day
one hirsute fruit among the smooth, soon gave the game away
the elder grapes, they went ape, pure venom they duly sprayed
we ought to flog that goosegog dog for aspiring to be Beaujolais

she was banished forever, that was a dam shame
but her pain it wasn't real, it was a sham pain
her lover grape said to her, I cant give you the push
Gloria said come with me and I'll show you my bush
they could have had some hybrid kids
who'd be used on the home brew scene
end their days in old blue nun bottles, undrank untouched unseen
but they never had children, much to their distress
for Bob the grape, learned he was seedless
Gloria ended her days as jam in a dusty jar
a long way from Beaujolais, but you are what you are

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Author's Message

this is a song about being happy in your own skin. I personally couldn't care less if I am reincarnated as a gooseberry

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2.5m Short Comedy Movies - Gloria The Gooseberry Song