Fictional Mining Disaster Song

Fictional Mining Disaster Song

(3m)   by gritt brewer

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tell ya a story of a sad old time in a far off fictional town
about brave men that didn't exist who toiled beneath the ground
they slaved for a wage so meagre most were not able
to put bread on the floor cos they didn't have a table
their lungs clotted with fine black dust
the coal stained with their blood so red
again and again these made up men
wished they got a job in burger king instead

for its down down underground
where men are lost and black gold is found
where the whisper of death is the only sound
down down underground

one faithful morn July ten the day was ripe for tragedy
and surprise surprise a tunnel caved in and only three miners got free
three hundred miners packed like sardines way beneath the soil
don't mean in any way they resembled fish or reeked of olive oil
they played I spy to pass the time as would any red blooded man
and everyone of these hardy souls about as real as Peter Pan

their wives cried like they were supposed to do, Pumpkin heads fit to burst
the priest gave the last rites by proxy for he feared the worst
down below they hadn't given up hope though the company canary did die
still a rare treat and good to eat a coal and canary pie
women tunneled with whatever they had shovels stilettos and spoons
to reach and breach their beloved men folks earthy cocoon
but no sound could they hear silence lingered like smell
messenger moles were then dispatched to the lonely three hundreds hell

three hundred men perished that night in that cold dark shaft
all they found alive was a cute little dog and how that little dog laughed
three hundred men laid out to rest for many's the wife to grieve
imaginary figures all dressed in black in a sad story of make believe
the three survivors gave up the mine for they were much in demand
put out to stud for ever more a life of one night stands
they trained some chimps to dig the coal and lived off the chimps sweat
not a day went by without a sad chimp cry a fresh chimpy mining death

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disaster folk songs are essential to every folk singers catalogue

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