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Script Submission Guidelines

Spelling /Grammar

  • Scripts should be free of errors including sentence structure errors, grammar errors, and punctuation errors. Some readers will automatically reject scripts that are full of spelling and grammar errors. So correct them before submission.


  • Keep your sentences short when you can. This enables people to read it easier than if you had long sentences.


  • Write short or not too long paragraphs so you don’t make your reader’s eyes tired.


  • Capitalize titles properly. It's usually best not to use all caps for titles. Instead, begin each major word in the title with a capital letter
  • Article titles are generally singular in form
  • Article titles which are quotes are not enclosed in quotation marks

Submissions Must Not Include:

  • Promotional content without permissions from
  • Plagiarism*

*Plagiarism includes:

  • Using text taken directly from another source and presenting this information as your own.
  • Rewrites or partial rewrites of scripts by other authors. 

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