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   A Song About Holes In The Road  (4m) ~by  Ken Johnson
   Breaking Up With Groupon  (4m) ~by  Alyssa P
   A Dad, A Son And Some Very Disturbing Things  (3-3.5m) ~by  Amal Dutt
   A Tale Of Marriage And Friendzoning  (3-3.5m) ~by  Amal Dutt
   The Last Resort  (1-1.5m) ~by  Daniel DiTonno
   The Fun Date  (5m) ~by  comedic_sweetheart
   The comedy interview  (5m) ~by  Abinaya
   Snake and Mouse  (2m) ~by  Balle Kumar's Universe
   A Song About Not Overcoming Adversity  (3-3.5m) ~by  Ken Johnson
   Temp Agency  (3-3.5m) ~by  M.K. Eisenberg
   Lost in Translation  (2-2.5m) ~by  M.K. Eisenberg
   No Frills Airlines  (5m) ~by  Daniel DiTonno
   Song: Syncopated Put A Tomato In Your Beer Blues  (3m) ~by  Ken Johnson
   Cheese  (3m) ~by  Jordan Taylor
   Pee-asan  (1m) ~by  Amal Dutt
   You Want To Boom Boom?  (1-1.5m) ~by  Amal Dutt
   National Geographic  (10m) ~by  Mikolaj1953
   The Fridge  (5m) ~by  ermy73
   Just Another Day?  (4-4.5m) ~by  Carlos Villatoro
   Good Man  (5m) ~by  Lenard W
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