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   Awesome  (2-2.5m) ~by  balduini
   Prince Charming  (2-2.5m) ~by  RicardoDespradel
   Dine Out  (1m) ~by  The Designer
   Worst Employee  (1m) ~by  Amanda Weckwerth
   Thoughts of an Idiot in Love  (2-2.5m) ~by  Elijah Jonathan
   Trump University Senior Seminar  (2-2.5m) ~by  RickMartin
   The D. Trump Zombie Brigade  (2m) ~by  Daniel DiTonno
   Kitty 6 (The EU)  (5m) ~by  Tobias Cordingley
   McDonalds Anti-Banter  (1-1.5m) ~by  Louise Gibson
   Understanding the Game of Golf  (3m) ~by  Thom Goddard
   Roman Empire  (1-1.5m) ~by  JohnnyK
   So Trumpy  (3-3.5m) ~by  adamappleton
   So Obamish  (3m) ~by  adamappleton
   The Teacher  (1m) ~by  Amelia L
   Oh, The Mentally Ill Life  (1-1.5m) ~by  Amanda Weckwerth
   I Love Being Crazy  (2-2.5m) ~by  Amanda Weckwerth
   Flaunt What You've Got  (1m) ~by  Amanda Weckwerth
   The Perks of Mental Illness  (3-3.5m) ~by  Amanda Weckwerth
   Issues of the World  (Unknown) ~by  Officer1774
   Funny Family Folk  (1-1.5m) ~by  Louise'Gibby'Gibson
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