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Peter Schiff's Stand-Up Comedy

Peter Schiff Does Stand Up Comedy At New York's Funniest Reporter Show ( & Comes In 2nd Place... More

Mitch Hedberg Stand Up - "I used to do drugs, I still do, but I used to too."

Some interesting comments from youtube users: "He came up with this all on his own. He is the most unique...It was al... More

Mitch Hedberg
Ricky Gervais Golden Globes 2011 Opening Monologue and Offers No Apologies for the Jokes (05:20)

Ricky Gervais opening monologue from the 2011 Golden Globe Awards...After the Golden Globe Ricky Gervais talked about th... More

Ricky Gervais, Golden Globes, 2011
Mark Lowry "Mary, Did You Know?" with lyrics (04:12)

Mary, did you know That your baby boy will one day walk on water? Mary, did you know That your baby boy will save our... More

Christmas, Mark Lowry, Mary
Mark Lowry's Best Moment with Bill Gaither "Jesus On The Mainline" (08:36)

This is one of Mark's most famous moments when he puts his shoe up to bill's nose. Mark Lowry makes fun of Bill Gaither ... More

Mark Lowry, Bill Gaither
Amy Poehler Monologue on SNL 2010 (05:40)

Amy Poehler Saturday Night Live 2010... More

SNL, Amy Poehler, Saturday Night Live
Ellen DeGeneres Monologue: Garage Sale (03:22)

There is something about buying other peoples junk that is very exciting.. More

Ellen DeGeneres
Monty Python Sketch - Spam/ with transcript (03:19)

Scene: A cafe. One table is occupied by a group of Vikings wearing horned helmets. Whenever the word "spam" is repeat... More

Monty Python
Daniel Tosh Q & A

A Q & A with commedian Daniel Tosh who performed at Northwestern Thursday night. A Q & A with commedian Da... More

Daniel Tosh
Fathers Day Poems Funny - You're My Daddy! (0:46)

You're my daddy, I'm your baby! You're my buddy, you're my friend! Any Dad would love to be sent this adorable parody of... More

fathers day
Lewis Black on Twitter (01:14)

Lewis Black on Twitter... More

Lewis Black, twitter
Lewis Black on Writing and Blogs (03:44)

Lewis Black on Writing and Blogs... More

Lewis Black, blog
Jeanne Robertson "Mothers vs Teenage Daughters"

Jeanne Robertson, award-winning humorist, professional speaker. Check out Jeanne Robertson More

Jeanne Robertson
Jeanne Robertson Left Brain - Don't send a man to the grocery store! (07:52

Jeanne Robertson, award-winning humorist, professional speaker. Check Jeanne Robertson out on iTunes: More

Jeanne Robertson
Matt Damon Does Matthew McConaughey (David Letterman Show) (01:28)

Matt Damon Does Matthew McConaughey (On David Letterman Show)... Matt Damon is a talented comedian. More

Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey, David Letterman
Very funny Jon Stewart interview with Bill Gates (wait until the end)! (09:25)

We all suspected this was going to happen sometime. More

Bill Gates, Jon Stewart
Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Madtv Sketch (05:31)


Young Bill Gates Praising Apple Computers (00:20)

BILL GATES - Computer Standard in 1984. He might not want to view this today. Bill Gates Quote: "To create a new stan... More

Bill Gates
Favorite Curse Word (01:14)

Britain's Channel 4 asks loads of celebrities to share their favorite swear words. What's yours?  More

Nicole Kidman's Funniest interview moments(13:43)

Nicole Kidman's Funniest interview moments. More

interview, interviews

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