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James Alex Gerard's Comedy Zone

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  • July 01

  • James Alex Gerard updated profile.
    about 4 years ago
  • April 29

  • Don McDonald Looking a bit devious there James. You look like your nemesis has just walked in the room. And you're starring him down with the "Evil Look"
    about 6 years ago
    • James Alex GerardOK. I'll try another one.
      4:17 PM April 29
    • James Alex GerardI never take good photos. Yep, when I try to look serious, I look mad. Uploaded another one. It doesn't show my tobacco and coffee-stained teeth.
      4:27 PM April 29
    • Don McDonaldDon't be that way. You know what? I recognize that same facial look on me a few years ago. The down turned head to hide what we feel isn't the best features. But it just makes you turn your eyes up and that brings the gangsta look on. So I purposed to lift my head up for pictures and that made a big difference in my photo experience. So......Head UP Boy!
      9:01 PM April 29
    • Don McDonaldMuch better james you look awesome
      8:55 PM May 02
  • James Alex Gerard updated profile.
    about 6 years ago
  • April 15

  • James Alex Gerard Amazing! A while after I wrote and published a bit about a Charlie Chaplin character in today's times, the great Google comes up with something by sheer coincidence. Amazing. Amazing. Either my instincts are darn good, or I don't earn a dime off of my "non-work." Word to the wise: When I get swept away from being taken, the well runs dry. People will no longer be able to draw off my vision. And then, and only then, will they have to think for themselves. I'm tired. Very tired right now! Hear me, Google and others? Earn your money. Earn it.
    about 6 years ago
    • Don McDonaldSorry to hear that James, it must be discouraging to see your material nearly plagiarized
      7:10 AM April 16
    • James Alex GerardDear Don: Thanks for your reply. I'm used to it. And people like me lose our desire to create, because of what is called greed, indifference and the ways things are in America. So much for my 'Common Slob' from two years ago. I'll just be accused of ripping off other people. Which I don't and never will. Thanks for your note. When you find good, true Americans of resources to make a better world, I'd like to know them. Besides yourself. You are a true person. I respect you, my friend. Nothing like bringing light into the world!
      8:50 PM April 16
    • Don McDonaldOkay, well if you're American than maybe I've found one already. You have the resources, through writing make a better world. So it's a start anyway. Now it's your turn. Maybe it doesn't matter who's name is attached to your material if it affects people anyway. I'm trying to imagine my own material making someone laugh and change them, if only for a few moments. But having the credit applied to someone else. Well it would hurt my feelings but I would still be the one responsible for the affect. And I hope I could encourage myself in that fact, and keep writing. Don
      11:32 AM April 17
  • October 14

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    about 7 years ago