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The Italian Priminister-You won't believe it! (00:30)

Funny clip about the Italian prime minister. More

italian, Italy, Prime Minister
Funny Failed French Missile Test (00:51)

Some french or French Canadian soldiers try to launch an anti-tank missile. More

french, military, missile
Bush: Hu is the Leader of China? (Transcript)

George W. Bush talking with Condolezza Rice^^ look carefully! ... (more) (Phone Beep.) Secretary: - Mr. President, Co... More

bush, china, hu, leader
Traffic in India (01:08)

A very funny look at how people drive in india. The rules are quite different there.  Watch the white car in the to... More

india, traffic, cars
The funniest interview (the host can't stop laughing) (06:18)

You see a talkshow from the Netherlands, where the moderator can't be serious any more. This guy can´t stop laughing a... More

Dutch, interview, the netherlands, laugh
A Brief History Of Australia - funny video (05:59)

An animated history of australia, from european descovery to modern day australia. funny, slap-stick humour, with a litt... More

Australia, history
Australian Humor: Choppers Driving School (01:39)

Very Funny!! True Australian Humour. More

Australia, driving
Hunting In Africa - man vs. cheetah

Hunting In Africa is fun... More

africa, cheetah, animals
馬英九 王力宏 合唱 I'm Understand


Taiwan, 馬英九 王力宏
Prime Minister of Italy Picking his Nose (and eating it) (00:26)

The Prime Minister of Italy openly picking his nose and eating it. More

Italy, Prime Minister
Funny German Interview with My Chemical Romance (04:11)

German interview with MCR (very funny), they don't have a clue what shes saying half the time! My Chemical Romance (oft... More

German, My Chemical Romance
Kevin Rudd (leader of the federal Australian Labor Party) picks his ear and eats it - the worms verdict (00:30)

The Channel Nine worm gives it's verdict on Kevin Rudd picking his ear and eating it during question time. More

Australia, Kevin Rudd
How To Poop - English Subtitles (02:24)

How To Poop - Japanese - Tigers teaching you how to poop... More

Mario Barth - bester auftritt

Mario Barth über denn Frankfurter Flughafen... More

German, Mario Barth
Passwort Halle Berry - Michael Mittermeier - Paranoid (03:26)

Ein kleiner Ausschnitt aus Michael Mittermeier's Paranoid über Halle Berry.   More

German, Michael Mittermeier

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