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April Fools Jokes - Google Earth (01:08)

Very few people got to see the 2008 Google Earth April Fools Joke. Google Earth Blog ( captured it... More

April Fools Day - Prank on Daddy - water, sticky notes, balloons

The hallway was covered with 800 cups of water, the car was covered with sticky notes and filled with balloons.  More

April Fool Pranks - USC Football Coach Pete Carroll (02:42)

USC Football Coach Pete Carroll plays an April Fool's Day Prank on his team--defensive end Everson Griffen "gets in trou... More

Robin Williams - Inside the Actors Studio (Full)

Williams at his most outrageous and insightful.  1. Robin Williams, before James Lipton is able to get out the fir... More

Greed is Good - Michael Douglas Wall Street (03:28)

"The point is, ladies and gentlemen,greed is good. greed works, greed is right. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captu... More

George Carlin - Complaints and Grievances ( 1 Hour)

Complaints and Grievances is an HBO stand-up comedy special of George Carlin that was originally titled I Like It When a... More

George, Carlin
Dane Cook Vicious Circle (01:34:20)

Dane Cook comes home to Boston in his first-ever solo HBO concert! Performing at the TD Banknorth Garden in front of 18,... More

Louis CK Shameless Clips (08:34)

Louis CK performs live at the Henry Fonda theater in LA. From the HBO special SHAMELESS. More

Louis, CK
Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart at 2008 Emmys (01:47)

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert present awards for Mini Series, without politic... Colbert - “America needs prunes. It... More

Stephen, Colbert
Ricky Gervais takes his Emmy back (03:46)

Ricky Gervais gets his Emmy back from Steve Carell at the 2008 Emmy Awards.  More

Ricky Gervais
Rodney Dangerfield - What's My Line (1974) (04:05)

From a 1974 episode of What's My Line, comedian Rodney Dangerfield appears as a Mystery Guest... More

Rodney, Dangerfield
Rodney Dangerfield Video - CaddyShack (01:25)

Rodney Dangerfield plays a thorougly Obnoxious person who insults his guests.  More

Rodney, Dangerfield
Bill Hicks on "Late Night With David Letterman" 1989 (05:18)

Legendary comedian Bill Hicks on "Late Night With David Letterman", 1989. More

Robert Schimmel - First Time (03:19)

Las Vegas 5.31.08. More

Robert, Schimmel
Robert Schimmel Stand Up: Guilty as Charged

A comedy special featuring Robert Schimmel's 1994 performance in Las Vegas.  More

Robert, Schimmel
Robert Schimmel: George Carlin Story (01:33)

Robert Schimmel on George Carlin's book. More

Robert, Schimmel
Louis C.K. Talking the Poor, the Rich and White Trash Loser (02:01)


Louis, C.K.
Louis C.K. - Being White(02:30)

From his latest stand-up "Chewed Up" - Louis CK tells people why it's great being a white male. It's advantages and it's... More

Louis, C.K
Louis CK Stand Up Clip - Bill Gates (02:51)


Louis, C.K
Jeff Foxworthy talks about the single life (02:03)

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy talks about the single life on "Jeff's Comedy Show" during the Duke Children's Classic fundraise... More

Jeff, Foxworthy

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