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Dane Cook: Rough Around The Edges (1 hour)

Dane Cook - Rough Around The Edges: Live From Madison Square Garden. "...I was sweating like Shaq at the foul line..." More

Lenny Bruce: All Alone (03:18)

Lenny Bruce on Steve Allen Show. "I'll be rich but so all alone." More

Lenny, Bruce
Monty Python Skit - Mattress (04:43)

Monty Python - Mattress Skit. More

South Park vs Monty Python (06:42)

 South Park Monty Python Special Edition. More

South Park, Monty Python
Hecklers Interrupt Bill Maher On "The Tonight Show" (04:20)

Crazy 9/11 conspiracy theorists in Real Time with Bill Maher's audience get kicked out. Bill actually goes into the audi... More

Bill Hicks interview with Howard Stern (17:00)

Howard Stern interviewing Bill Hicks in regard to his beef with NBC and Letterman,1993. They had topics on Bill’s toothl... More

Jim Carrey Stand Up Comedy Routine (05:47)

An early stand up show from the funniest guy, Jim Carrey. Louie Anderson is the guy in the beginning. More

Jim, Carrey
Boasting about your dad - Animation: My Dad (01:45)

Its about kids boasting about their dads.  More

fathers day
Father's Day Poems - Cute and Creative (01:57)

 Cute father's day poem... More

fathers day
Bill Hicks Sane Man (08:13)

This is an excerpt from Bills Sane Man tour. Bill Hicks Sane Man - Watching it was a revelation. A powerful, yet silly p... More

Hicks, Bill
Demetri Martin - The Jokes With Guitar (09:36)

 Demetri Martin is a genius, he finds the humor and magic in the simplest things. " It wierd the way finger ... More

Demetri Martin
Funny Wall Street Banker Begging Parody (01:44)

Famous Andrew was to "dress like a wall street exec and beg for money because the times are hard!" More

money, walls street
Bill Gates' Best Bits (02:02)

A video compilation of some of Bill Gates' most memorable Microsoft moments. More

Bill Gates, microsoft
Free hugs become free slaps

Free hugs become free slaps... More

free hugs, free slaps
Valentine's day gift (01:00)

Valentine's day gift: One box of chocolate in 40+ years... More

Dell call center salesman goes insane (REAL RECORDING) (01:59)

Actual leaked phone conversation. Panamanian call center rep insults an American customer trying to buy a PC computer. More

Dell, Sales
Brian Regan - UPS (03:48)

From the "I walked on the moon" standup. great clip about moving and talking to UPS. Quote: "I called them up, "Ya, I ... More

Brian, Regan
Bill Hicks Banned Letterman Act (Total 3)

Letterman finally airs the banned Bill Hicks act from just a few short months before he died. To mark the occasion, Lett... More

Stay At Home Dad - A song by Jon Lajoie (03:12)

Stay at home dad music & lyrics by Jon Lajoie I’m a stay at home dad I’m on paternity leave I’m a stay at home da... More

fathers day
George Carlin - Doin' It Again (59:00)

Complete show. Winner of the 1990 Cable ACE Awards Doin' It Again is George Carlin's seventh live stand-up concert for H... More

George, Carlin

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