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Chris Rock Never Scared Clip (01:18:44)

This is a clip from the movie Chris Rock - Never Scared, and it's when he was talking about white men being wealthy and ... More

Chris, Rock
Adam Sandler Thanksgiving Turkey Song SNL ( with/lyrics ) (03:47)

A hilarious Thanksgiving song by Adam Sandler...   lyrics - "They wanna hear the thanksgiving song! All right.." ... More

Thanksgiving, Sandler
Will Ferrell & Chris Kattan as air supply SNLThanksgiving Song (01:30)


Will, Ferrell, Thanksgiving
Joke's on Dave Letterman sex scandle (02:12)


Dave, Letterman
Natural Born Killers Rodney Dangerfield (04:16)

Rodney Dangerfield playing a very disturbing father role, set to a sitcom. Directed by Oliver Stone, screenplay by Quent... More

Rodney, Dangerfield
Easy Money Rodney Dangerfield (03:14)

Rodney Dangerfield gets a load of respectand a chunk of changein Easy Money! Joined byJoe Pesci and Jennifer Jason Leigh... More

Rodney, Dangerfield
Robin Williams Stand Up - Cocaine (06:57)

Quotes: Here's a little warning sign if you have a cocaine problem: Number 1, if you come home to your house and there ... More

Lenny Bruce: Swear to Tell the Truth clip (10:35)

Lenny Bruce: Swear to Tell the Truth is a documentary about Bruce's life and career. More

Lenny, Bruce
Wanda Sykes Rush Limbaugh "20th Hijacker" Joke (01:12)

Wanda Sykes Makes Limbaugh "20th Hijacker" Joke... More

Wanda, Sykes
Katt Williams - First Sunday (01:11)

Funny clip from Katt Williams' movie First Sunday. More

Katt Williams
George Lopez - Spanglish (00:58)

"Grandpa: Tire la Basura Cabron! Kid:Oh i am! God sakes! (White accent) Deja ma en paz! Hijo de le chingada. U head me!... More

George, Lopez
Eddie Izzard Cake or Death

A lego animation to one of comic Eddie Izzard's most popular jokes, 'Cake or Death?'  More

Eddie, Izzard
Brian Regan The Epitome of Hyperbole 2008 (05:00)


Brian, Regan
Bob Newhart - Just For Laughs 1990 (10:16)

Montreal Just For Laughs Comedy Festival with Bob Newhart October 1990 CFCF TV. More

Bob, Newhart
Bob Newhart talks about 50 years of stand up (13:00)

Legendary comic Bob Newhart talks about 50 years of stand up.  More

Bob, Newhart
Braveheart parody w/ Bob Newhart (02:21)

A parody of the movie "Braveheart" played by the cast of the 70's sitcom "The Bob Newhart Show".  More

Bob, Newhart
Bob Newhart Skit - breaks Dean Martin up (04:54)


Bob, Newhart
Bill Maher - Victory Begins At Home (46:40)

Bill once again points out how ridiculous and over-simplified politics have become, and not just in America and not just... More

Bill, Maher
I lost my luggage (03:46)

Comedian from Wales complaining about his lost luggage on a Australian airport... Very funny stand up comedy sketch. More

Bill Maher on the Superiority of Western Values (04:47)

Clip from "Victory Begins At Home" - Bill Maher's scathing one-hour show taped on Broadway and first broadcast on HBO in... More

Bill, Maher

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