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Easter Bunny Songs (00:21)

Funny Easter Hunny Bunny Song... More

Eddie Izzard - Easter and Christmas (02:49)

From Eddie Izzard Dress to Kill... Quotes on Easter: "So the Pagan religion had very big festivals, remember, on Easte... More

Christmas, Eddie Izzard, Easter
Easter Nigga - Charlie Brown! (09:54)

Yet another infamous holiday parody from the makers of "A Charlie Brown Kwanzaa". It's Easter Sunday and Linus is trying... More

The Easter Bunny Is Coming To Town (01:10)

he Easter Bunny is Comin' to Town is a Rankin and Bass holiday classic (originally produced in 1977) featuring stop moti... More

Mencia Steals from Cosby? (02:03)

A joke about a son playing football from Cosby's "Himself" from recorded in the 80s sounds strikingly familiar to Mencia... More

carlos mencia, bill cosby
Fawlty Towers episodes (05) - Gourmet Night (Full) (28:37)

The cream of Torquay society turns out for a special gourmet night at Fawlty Towers. Expectations are high but so, unfor... More

Fawlty Towers
Spanish Joke by Pablo Francisco (04:11)


Pablo Francisco, spanish
The Valentine's Day Song - A Funny Songdrops Song by Bryant Oden

This is the new version of "The Valentine's Day Song", By Bryant Oden. More

Jo Koy making love (02:41)


Jo Koy, Valentine
SNL Skit "State of the Union 2010" (06:58)

SNL took on the State of the Union last night, cutting together clips of Fred Armisen as Obama with actual shots of disp... More

SNL, obama, Fred Armisen
Rosie O'Donnell Late Night With Jimmy Fallon: Starting Out in Stand-Up (03:22)


Rosie O Donnel
Rosie O'Donnel stand-up in 90's (05:07)


Rosie O Donnel
Valentine's Day Gig by Mike Bennett at the Laugh Garage Syd­ney


Lily Tomlin - One RingyDingy (03:00)

Lily Tomlin's hilarious comedy sketch from the show "Laugh". More

Lily Tomlin, phone
Ellen DeGeneres Here and Now 2003 (1 hour)

Yes, we're lazy. Yet we also can't seem to sit still. So we've started making things like GO-GURT. That's yogurt for peo... More

Ellen DeGeneres
Monique the comedian - standup Comedy (09:36)


Lee Evans Video: funny suicide song (07:36)

Lee Evans encore performance which is basded around he wants to kill himself but alwayts fails... More

Lee Evans, British
Lee Evans Interview - Parkinson - BBC

Comedian Lee Evans explains why his frenetic energy takes over in public and shows his sensitive side. Free video clip f... More

Lee Evans, British
Lee Evans BIG Live at the O2 2008 (2 Hours)

Evans toured Britain with a brand new stand-up act, "Big", in Autumn 2008, with a DVD of the tour released in on the 24t... More

Lee Evans, British
Christmas Skits - Hiliarious Charlie Brown Christmas Skit (02:38)

A Charlie Brown Christmas is the first prime-time animated TV special based upon the comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. ... More


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