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Paul Hogan's hilarious speech at the Oscars (03:45)

This funny speech is taken from the 59th Academy Awards. Too bad he didn't win that night.  More


Southparks goobacks.   More

George Lopez show - George Lopez as Tony Montana (02:38)

Antonio "Tony" Montana is a fictional character in the remake of the 1932 film Scarface portrayed by Al Pacino. The char... More

George, Lopez
Funny Valentine's Day Song (01:45)

Written by David Murdico and Mario Roman.   More

My Funny Valentine (04:55)

Roses are dead, Violence will ensue, It's a new holiday, I've got a task for you...  More

Dane Cook - 'What Men Want More Than Sex' (03:28)

There are two things that men want more than sex...every guy wants to be part of a heist. You wanna go in and rob the pl... More

The Ellen DeGeneres Show-Ellen's Duet with Josh Groban


Ellen, DeGeneres, Josh, Groban
Bill Hicks-Magic Mushrooms (06:53)

Bill Opens His Third Eye ... Funny & enlightening. One of the greatest from Bill Hicks. More

Hicks, Bill
Bill Hicks- The Art of Pornography (10:01)


Hicks, Bill
"Heckler": Ronald Reagan, Christopher Hitchens and Bill Hicks (02:18)

An exclusive glimpse of the new feature documentary "Heckler" by Jamie Kennedy. More

Eddie Griffin - Aliens & Michael Jackson (07:55)

Eddie talking about aliens and clowning on Michael Jackson.  More

Dane Cook - SNL - Hospital Skit (01:49)

Dane Cook is in a doctor induced coma for less than a day and he loses everything. More

Dane Cook Impressions - Ike Barinholtz on MAD TV (01:35)

 Dane Cook impressions very funny unlike Dane Cook...Ike Barinholtz on MAD TV. (Isaac "Ike" Barinholtz is most not... More

Jeff Foxworthy & LeAnn Rimes Comedy Skit

Jeff Foxworthy & LeAnn Rimes as Chuck Norris and Christie Brinkley demonstrating an exercise machine--From "Blue Col... More

Jeff, Foxworthy
Happy Single's Valentine's Day from Carbon Leaf's Barry Privett (01:33)

Carbon Leaf's Barry Privett pours his heart out to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day.Very touching.  More

George Carlin - On Voting (with transcript) (04:19)

"You may have noticed that there's one thing I don't complain about: Politicians. Everybody complains about politicians.... More

George, Carlin
She Wants My ... Stimulus PACKAGE (02:43)


Valentine for Perfect Strangers (03:19)

Dear Perfect Stranger, I made you an e-card! Love, Otto  More

Lewis Black - The Devil's Handiwork (04:26)

Lewis Black shares his views on science and creationism. More

Lewis, Black
Sarah Silverman 2008 “Night of Too Many Stars”

Comedy Central’s "Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert For Autism Education”, hosted by Jon Stewart, was a ben... More

Sarah, Silverman

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