Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes is an American writer, stand-up comedienne and actress. She is known for her blunt comedic observations on current events, the differences between the sexes and races, and the human condition. She has won four Emmy Awards for her writing as well as numerous other awards.   More about Wanda Sykes

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Wanda Sykes Rush Limbaugh "20th Hijacker" Joke (01:12)

Wanda Sykes Makes Limbaugh "20th Hijacker" Joke... More

Wanda, Sykes
Wanda Sykes Crank Calls - Gladys Murphy calls a prison! (03:40)

Wanda Sykes Turd:  Wanda Sykes Crank Calls Yankers vs The Veronicas. More

Wanda, Sykes

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