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Fathers Day Poems Funny - You're My Daddy! (0:46)

You're my daddy, I'm your baby! You're my buddy, you're my friend! Any Dad would love to be sent this adorable parody of... More

fathers day
Christmas Skits - Hiliarious Charlie Brown Christmas Skit (02:38)

A Charlie Brown Christmas is the first prime-time animated TV special based upon the comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. ... More

Dave Chappelle sesame street clip (03:13)

Childrens shows may not be as innocent as they see... More

David, Chappelle
George Carlin - Carlin on Campus (58:55)

Complete show. Carlin on Campus is the fourth HBO special by American comedian George Carlin recorded April 18-19, 198... More

George, Carlin
Laughing baby (01:40)

A famous clip on youtube... This boy is laughing his a*s off! :-) ... 一名小男婴被家人逗得哈哈大笑的短片,去年11月被上传到热门网站YouTube,短短3个月来风靡近9... More

laughing, laugh, baby
Brian Regan and the spelling bee (03:16)

Brian Reagan at the spelling bee... "I remember my teacher asked me, Brian, what'sthe 'i' before 'e' rule? Um...I befo... More

Brian, Regan

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