Celebrity funny video clips.

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Matt Damon Does Matthew McConaughey (David Letterman Show) (01:28)

Matt Damon Does Matthew McConaughey (On David Letterman Show)... Matt Damon is a talented comedian. More

Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey, David Letterman
Very funny Jon Stewart interview with Bill Gates (wait until the end)! (09:25)

We all suspected this was going to happen sometime. More

Bill Gates, Jon Stewart
Young Bill Gates Praising Apple Computers (00:20)

BILL GATES - Computer Standard in 1984. He might not want to view this today. Bill Gates Quote: "To create a new stan... More

Bill Gates
Nicole Kidman's Funniest interview moments(13:43)

Nicole Kidman's Funniest interview moments. More

interview, interviews
Tiger Woods Crash Jokes - Animated Cartoon Recreation (01:36)

Tiger Woods Accident Jokes - Animated Cartoon Creation. This cartoon really captures the concept of an innocent man flee... More

Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods Jokes - Voicemail Parody (01:28)

Tiger Woods knows how to treat a lady right. Here's a sexy song to prove it. More

Tiger Woods
Bill Gates' Best Bits (02:02)

A video compilation of some of Bill Gates' most memorable Microsoft moments. More

Bill Gates, microsoft
Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart at 2008 Emmys (01:47)

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert present awards for Mini Series, without politic... Colbert - “America needs prunes. It... More

Stephen, Colbert
Louis CK Stand Up Clip - Bill Gates (02:51)


Louis, C.K
Paul Hogan's hilarious speech at the Oscars (03:45)

This funny speech is taken from the 59th Academy Awards. Too bad he didn't win that night.  More

Eddie Griffin - Aliens & Michael Jackson (07:55)

Eddie talking about aliens and clowning on Michael Jackson.  More

Kathy Griffin vs. Bill Donahue (09:05)

 Kathy Griffin responds to the right-wing backlash over her Emmy acceptance speech joke.  More

Kathy Griffin

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