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Money/ Finance

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Easy Money Rodney Dangerfield (03:14)

Rodney Dangerfield gets a load of respectand a chunk of changein Easy Money! Joined byJoe Pesci and Jennifer Jason Leigh... More

Rodney, Dangerfield
Funny Wall Street Banker Begging Parody (01:44)

Famous Andrew was to "dress like a wall street exec and beg for money because the times are hard!" More

money, walls street
Greed is Good - Michael Douglas Wall Street (03:28)

"The point is, ladies and gentlemen,greed is good. greed works, greed is right. Greed clarifies, cuts through, and captu... More

Louis CK Stand Up Clip - Bill Gates (02:51)


Louis, C.K
Hallelujah - funny version about recession in Ireland (03:47)

Dave Young - Hallelujah funny version brings you some good laugh at the recession with a positive view. Yes everyone nee... More

Bill Maher Ron Paul Interview (06:52)

Ron Paul on Real Time w/ Bill Maher 02/20/2009. More

Bill, Maher

Southparks goobacks.   More

She Wants My ... Stimulus PACKAGE (02:43)


Money As Debt - With English subtitles (47:07)

Paul Grignon's 47-minute animated presentation of "Money as Debt" tells in very simple and effective graphic terms wha... More

George Carlin vs Bill Hicks vs Marketing (02:34)

There were two sides to George: an entertainer and a philosopher. I'm convinced George made the commercial to be entert... More

George, Carlin
Tim Clue Stand Up Comedy Clip - Debt (06:13)

Hilarious Chicago clean comedian Tim Clue talks debt - as heard on Sirius and XM Satellite Radio!  More

Tim, Clue, money
George Carlin on Consumerism


George, Carlin
Dennis Leary - I'm an Asshole (with lyrics) (04:36)

Folks, Id like to sing a song about the American Dream About me, about you About the way our American hearts beat way ... More

Dennis, Leary
Bill Hicks on Marketing (with transcript) (02:42)

Bill Hicks on Marketing script. By the way if anyone here is in advertising or marketing... kill yourself. No, no, ... More


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