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Hecklers Interrupt Bill Maher On "The Tonight Show" (04:20)

Crazy 9/11 conspiracy theorists in Real Time with Bill Maher's audience get kicked out. Bill actually goes into the audi... More

"Heckler": Ronald Reagan, Christopher Hitchens and Bill Hicks (02:18)

An exclusive glimpse of the new feature documentary "Heckler" by Jamie Kennedy. More

George Carlin - How To Handle A Heckler (01:05)

This clip is taken off of the bonus disk from Carlin's boxset, "The Little David Years". It's from an unknown show durin... More

George, Carlin
Jimmy Carr handles heckler (01:31)

Jimmy Carr is Hilarious. This clip is from his new standup. Kramer could learn a thing or two.  More

Jimmy, Carr, heckler
Bill Hicks Hates Hecklers (02:09)

Bill Hicks loses it after a Heckler starts to mess with him.  More

Hicks, Bill
Comedian Jimmy Meritt deals with a heckler (01:51)

Dealing with Hecklers is often the best way of spotting a great comedian. If you're quick and clever enough to totally h... More

Clinton VS A Heckler

Funny video clip of ex President Bill Clinton when he was younger. Some lady starts heckling him and he lets her have it... More

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