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For the Talk Show or Interview program hosts and guests, all they are trying to do is to crack a few jokes. Those unexpected moments and talks with the combination of humor and intelligence makes the best of a comedy!

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Daniel Tosh Q & A

A Q & A with commedian Daniel Tosh who performed at Northwestern Thursday night. A Q & A with commedian Da... More

Daniel Tosh
Matt Damon Does Matthew McConaughey (David Letterman Show) (01:28)

Matt Damon Does Matthew McConaughey (On David Letterman Show)... Matt Damon is a talented comedian. More

Matt Damon, Matthew McConaughey, David Letterman
Very funny Jon Stewart interview with Bill Gates (wait until the end)! (09:25)

We all suspected this was going to happen sometime. More

Bill Gates, Jon Stewart
Nicole Kidman's Funniest interview moments(13:43)

Nicole Kidman's Funniest interview moments. More

interview, interviews
Obama Kills Fly Effortlessly During CNBC Interview! (00:55)

The president was sitting for a TV interview with CNBC's John Harwood at the Executive Mansion on Tuesday whenObama took... More

Lee Evans Interview - Parkinson - BBC

Comedian Lee Evans explains why his frenetic energy takes over in public and shows his sensitive side. Free video clip f... More

Lee Evans, British
Joke's on Dave Letterman sex scandle (02:12)


Dave, Letterman
Bob Newhart talks about 50 years of stand up (13:00)

Legendary comic Bob Newhart talks about 50 years of stand up.  More

Bob, Newhart
Hecklers Interrupt Bill Maher On "The Tonight Show" (04:20)

Crazy 9/11 conspiracy theorists in Real Time with Bill Maher's audience get kicked out. Bill actually goes into the audi... More

Bill Hicks interview with Howard Stern (17:00)

Howard Stern interviewing Bill Hicks in regard to his beef with NBC and Letterman,1993. They had topics on Bill’s toothl... More

Bill Hicks Banned Letterman Act (Total 3)

Letterman finally airs the banned Bill Hicks act from just a few short months before he died. To mark the occasion, Lett... More

MARGARET CHO (with tattoos) and Sara Benincasa (05:27)

Comedian Sara Benincasa gets in the bathtub with comedian/musician Margaret Cho!  More

Robin Williams - Inside the Actors Studio (Full)

Williams at his most outrageous and insightful.  1. Robin Williams, before James Lipton is able to get out the fir... More

Ricky Gervais takes his Emmy back (03:46)

Ricky Gervais gets his Emmy back from Steve Carell at the 2008 Emmy Awards.  More

Ricky Gervais
Bill Hicks on "Late Night With David Letterman" 1989 (05:18)

Legendary comedian Bill Hicks on "Late Night With David Letterman", 1989. More

The Colbert Report - Comedy Central (1:09:03)


Stephen, Colbert
George Carlin and Bill Hicks on each other (01:57)

 Bill Hicks and George Carlin pay compliment to each other in interviews on Austin Public Access and a HBO special ... More

George, Carlin
The Ellen DeGeneres Show-Ellen's Duet with Josh Groban


Ellen, DeGeneres, Josh, Groban
George Carlin Full Interview on "The View" (07:38)

George Carlin Full Interview on "The View". Talking about Wild fires, selfish enviromentalism, sea levels rising... More

George, Carlin
Dane Cook - Com.Cent Dennis Leary Roast



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