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Favorite Curse Word (01:14)

Britain's Channel 4 asks loads of celebrities to share their favorite swear words. What's yours?  More

Spanish Joke by Pablo Francisco (04:11)


Pablo Francisco, spanish
Kathy Griffin - Strong Black Woman (44:38)

Here's a TV special that Kathy Griffin did in 2006.The comedy special that includes Kathy's jaw-dropping true tales from... More

Kathy Griffin
Eddie Izzard - Dress to Kill (with quotes) (1:54:08)

Eddie Izzard Easter Quote   Eddie Izzard is a British comedian and actor. Dress to Kill Quotes Squirrel... More

Eddie Izzard, British
George Lopez - Spanglish (00:58)

"Grandpa: Tire la Basura Cabron! Kid:Oh i am! God sakes! (White accent) Deja ma en paz! Hijo de le chingada. U head me!... More

George, Lopez
Bill Maher on the Superiority of Western Values (04:47)

Clip from "Victory Begins At Home" - Bill Maher's scathing one-hour show taped on Broadway and first broadcast on HBO in... More

Bill, Maher
Demetri Martin - The Jokes With Guitar (09:36)

 Demetri Martin is a genius, he finds the humor and magic in the simplest things. " It wierd the way finger ... More

Demetri Martin
George Carlin - Doin' It Again (59:00)

Complete show. Winner of the 1990 Cable ACE Awards Doin' It Again is George Carlin's seventh live stand-up concert for H... More

George, Carlin
Richard Pryor - Live On The Sunset Strip (01:21:14)

Richard Pryor explores various topics as well as his own personal tragedies in this hysterical, yet emotionally stirring... More

Chris Rock Stand Up - Bigger and Blacker (65:02)

Chris Rock - Bigger & Blacker features Rock on-stage extolling his razor-sharp wit and wisdom on such topics as gun ... More

Chris, Rock
Louis C.K. Talking the Poor, the Rich and White Trash Loser (02:01)


Louis, C.K.
Louis C.K. - Being White(02:30)

From his latest stand-up "Chewed Up" - Louis CK tells people why it's great being a white male. It's advantages and it's... More

Louis, C.K
Richard Pryor Here & Now

In 1983 Richard Pryor filmed and released a new concert film and accompanying album, Here And Now, which he directed him... More

George Carlin - On Location (Carlin's First HBO Special 1977) (01:25:28)

Complete show. "On Location: George Carlin at USC" is Irish-American comedian George Carlin's first ever HBO special, re... More

George, Carlin
Lewis Black - Hunting (04:54)


Lewis Black
George Carlin: You are all diseased (01:03:24)

YOU ARE ALL DISEASED was nominated for the 2000 Grammy Award for Best Spoken Comedy Album. Throughout the '70s, Georg... More

George, Carlin
George Lopez Why You Crying (58:21)

George Lopez Why You Crying - One of the funniest standup routines.  The entire show is based on his home life, wac... More

George, Lopez
Lewis Black: Mexican Wall (02:23)

Walls haven't worked -- not since they invented planes. Lewis Black does stand up at Gotham Congress... More

Lewis, Black
George Lopez: America's Mexican (01:03:33)

George Lopez HBO special - Superstar comedian/actor George Lopez, one of the premier comedic talents in the entertainmen... More

George, Lopez
George Carlin - Phrases and Sayings (09:17)

Weather forecast for tonight: dark.  ~ George Carlin  ------------------------------------------- Frisbe... More

George, Carlin

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