Female Comedies


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Amy Poehler Monologue on SNL 2010 (05:40)

Amy Poehler Saturday Night Live 2010... More

SNL, Amy Poehler, Saturday Night Live
Ellen DeGeneres Monologue: Garage Sale (03:22)

There is something about buying other peoples junk that is very exciting.. More

Ellen DeGeneres
Jeanne Robertson "Mothers vs Teenage Daughters"

Jeanne Robertson, award-winning humorist, professional speaker. Check out Jeanne Robertson http://jeannerobertson.com. More

Jeanne Robertson
Jeanne Robertson Left Brain - Don't send a man to the grocery store! (07:52

Jeanne Robertson, award-winning humorist, professional speaker. Check Jeanne Robertson out on iTunes: http://bit.ly/Jean... More

Jeanne Robertson
Mother's Day Stand-up by Female Comedian Debi Gutierrez (05:05)

Female stand up comedian Debi Gutierrez describes a mother's daily difficulties in raising children and the lengths men ... More

mothers day
Rosie O'Donnell Late Night With Jimmy Fallon: Starting Out in Stand-Up (03:22)


Rosie O Donnel
Rosie O'Donnel stand-up in 90's (05:07)


Rosie O Donnel
Lily Tomlin - One RingyDingy (03:00)

Lily Tomlin's hilarious comedy sketch from the show "Laugh". More

Lily Tomlin, phone
Ellen DeGeneres Here and Now 2003 (1 hour)

Yes, we're lazy. Yet we also can't seem to sit still. So we've started making things like GO-GURT. That's yogurt for peo... More

Ellen DeGeneres
Monique the comedian - standup Comedy (09:36)


Christmas Comedy Song - Hillarouis! - 12 Days of Stressmas (06:46)

So true, so funny.  Happy Stressmas! More

Ellen DeGeneres Stand Up Video (02:59)

 Funny Ellen DeGeneres stand up comedy. More

Ellen DeGeneres
Kathy Griffin - Strong Black Woman (44:38)

Here's a TV special that Kathy Griffin did in 2006.The comedy special that includes Kathy's jaw-dropping true tales from... More

Kathy Griffin
Sarah Silverman on Relationship "My boyfriend Is Catholic" (00:53)


Sarah, Silverman
Sarah Silverman and The Great Schlep - Hilarious (04:22)

Sarah Silverman wants Jews to gets their butts down to Florida for the Great Schlep. More

Sarah, Silverman
The Ellen DeGeneres Show-Ellen's Duet with Josh Groban


Ellen, DeGeneres, Josh, Groban
Sarah Silverman 2008 “Night of Too Many Stars”

Comedy Central’s "Night of Too Many Stars: An Overbooked Concert For Autism Education”, hosted by Jon Stewart, was a ben... More

Sarah, Silverman
Mo'Nique stand-up comedy (06:00)


Kathy Griffin - My Life on the D List (10:26)

 Episode 2 - I Heart Lily Tomlin. More

Kathy Griffin
Margaret Cho- Mommy and Daddy (05:27)

Margaret talks about her gay daddy... More


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