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Dane Cook- Sleep Talking (02:00)

Hilarious stand up comedian Dane Cook talks about sleep talking in this funny bit. More

Valentine's Day - What Love Means - Tim Joyce (01:13)

Hilarious rant on "What Love Means" by Tim Joyce... "What Love Means" if you are a married guy. More

Will Ferrell and Dave Grohl duet- "Leather and Lace" (06:58)

Will Ferrell and Chis Kattaan do air supply... More

Will, Ferrell, Dave, Grohl
Robert Schimmel: Horrible honeymoon (03:01)

Robert Schimmel at the ontario improv.  More

Robert, Schimmel
Robin WIlliams....the ending of all endings (01:56)

Robin WIlliams....the ending of all endings...  More

Christian Singles (02:38)

Kerri was very entertaining; but sobering as well. Her humorous presentation in the life of a single adult really made a... More

Chris Rock on Janets Superbowl Tittie (01:14)

Stand up Comedy about society, daily Life, America and Relationship. More

Chris, Rock
Chris Rock: Crazy Women (03:12)

Chris Rock: Crazy Women. More

Chris, Rock
Richard Pryor - Kids Telling Lies (01:37)

In this hilarious clip Richard Pryor talks about the way kids act when they are telling lies. Very recognizable! More

Stand-Up Comedy "Canadian Weddings" (03:59)

Taking Italian parents to a Canadian Wedding... More

Canadian, Weddings
Jackie Mason On Woman's Attitude towards Sex (04:02)

Jackie gives his views on womans' approach to sex in the only way he knows how ... More

Jackie, Mason

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