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KATT WILLIAMS: "Date a President" - On Obama, McCain, and Palin (03:44)

Listen to Katt discuss how the country might need to date a president before getting in a relationship after the harsh b... More

Katt Williams
Margaret Cho- Mommy and Daddy (05:27)

Margaret talks about her gay daddy... More

Jeff Foxworthy - Totally Committed (03:46)

Jeff Foxworthy takes aim at every moving target he can lay his sights on--from the perils and pitfalls of marriage--"Rul... More

Jeff, Foxworthy
Dane Cook - Bad Relationships and Brain Ninjas - Vicious Circle (10:02)

Dane Cook - vicious circle - Brain Ninjas. Dane Cook discusses handy dandy tips to not getting mind fucked. In the bad w... More

Chris Rock- View on Love and Relationships (05:50)

Chris Rock- View on Love and Relationships. More

Chris, Rock
Sarah Silverman Stand Up Clip (04:16)

Sarah Silverman and her racist jokes... More

Sarah, Silverman
Margaret Cho & Gay Marriage (04:19)

Margaret Cho & Gay Marriage...M. Cho speaks the truth and is hilarious while doing it. From Margaret Cho's Assassin. More

Margaret Cho - Gay Men Jokes (07:35)

Warning: Mature Language. These are some gay jokes from Margaret Cho, hilarious.  More

Martin Lawrence - Masturbation (04:43)

Martin Lawrence stand up comedy - Masturbation. Very funny. More

Margaret Cho -These Christian Groups Have Lost Their Minds (06:09)

Margaret Cho -- These Christian Groups Have Lost Their Minds... More

Love and Sausages - Kids in the Hall /KITH (07:04)

Love and Sausages One of the more surreal short films in the show, containing minimal dialogue and apparently set in a d... More

Kids, in, the, Hall
Dan Clark - 10 things you shouldn't say after sex (01:04)

Dan Clark's Guide to Dating: 10 things you shouldn't say after sex. 1. That was the 3rd best I had this week. 2. Can I g... More

Bill Cosby Chocolate cake (with transcript) (09:27)

"My wife woke me up 4:00 in the morning. She said, "I want you to go downstairs and cook breakfast for the children." An... More

Brian Regan - Stupid Husbands (02:31)

7.22.06 @ Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom. Hilarious. Very clean and original comedy. More

Brian, Regan
Eddie Murphy "Its a man thing" stand up comedy (04:47)

Eddie Murphy "Its a man thing"... More

Eddie, Murphy
Robin Willams on Broadway - Viagra (04:45)

"God gave you a penis and a brain and only enough blood to run one of them..." Robin Williams Skit about Viagra. More

Sarah Silverman "I'm F*cking Matt Damon" on Jimmy Kimmel (04:15)

Sarah Silverman sings "I'm F*cking Matt Damon" on Jimmy Kimmel Live 1-31-08 on the bed on the floor on a towel by the do... More

Sarah, Silverman
George Carlin - Mary and Joseph (02:05)

An excerpt from "When Will Jesus Bring the Pork Chops"... More

George, Carlin
Doug Stanhope, George Carlin and Bill Hicks - Why would anyone have children? (02:11)

Some of America's most outspoken comedians - Doug Stanhope, George Carlin and Bill Hicks give their views on c... More

Hicks, Bill
Louis C.K. Butt Talk (02:59)

Louis C.K. Butt Talk. Very funny. More

Louis, C.K.

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