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Bill Cosby (Rumble of the Diesel by Les Claypool) (01:15)

The song is "rumble of the diesel" by Les Claypool. Its from his album "of whales and woe" ... More

George Carlin - Soft Language (06:56)

George Carlin - Soft Language. More

George, Carlin
Dave Chappelle American Indians (04:32)

Dave Chappelle - American Indians. More

David, Chappelle
Richard Pryor - Chinese Food (03:36)

Richard Pryor - Chinese Food More

Russell Peters - Chinese people and Indians Can't Work Together! (03:17)

Indian comedian Russel Peters on Chinese and Indian. More

Chinese, Indian
Stand-Up Comedy "Canadian Weddings" (03:59)

Taking Italian parents to a Canadian Wedding... More

Canadian, Weddings

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