Language/ Ethnicity


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Katt Williams - 98% (02:19)

Katt Williams - 98% More

Katt Williams
George Carlin on white people, blues (03:08)

George Carlin on white people ... Talking about BLUE.   More

George, Carlin
Bill Maher translates rap into white (04:04)


Bill, Maher
Sarah Silverman Stand Up Clip (04:16)

Sarah Silverman and her racist jokes... More

Sarah, Silverman
Dave Chappelle - Black & White peoples food (03:51)


David, Chappelle
Dave Chappelle Stand Up "Killing Them Softly" (56:53)

Dave Chappelle Stand Up "Killing Them Softly"... Dave Chappelle returns to D.C. and riffs on politics, police, race rela... More

David, Chappelle
Demetri Martin: Clearification - Windows Vista (00:51)

Martin signed a deal with Microsoft to write advertisements for Windows Vista in a campaign called "Clearification," whi... More

Demetri, Martin
Brian Regan and the spelling bee (03:16)

Brian Reagan at the spelling bee... "I remember my teacher asked me, Brian, what'sthe 'i' before 'e' rule? Um...I befo... More

Brian, Regan
George Carlin: Seven Words (05:49)

George Carlin doing what he does best! WARNING! BAD LANGUAGE!  More

George, Carlin
Eddie Griffin-Back To Africa (03:53)


Comedy Classic: Richard Pryor and Chevy Chase Engage in Racial Word Association (02:13)

Work of genius, coked out of their minds or not...One of the greatest comedy sketches ever written. More

Stereotypical Names with Ben (06:07)

Each race has its own type of names given at birth so my friend and i decided to talk about them. We understand that not... More

Shelley Berman: Cleans and Dirtys (04:37)

A visualization of Shelley Berman's classic 196... A visualization of Shelley Berman's classic 1964 comedy ... More

Shelley, Berman
Comedy Club - Transtator (English - Russian) (05:30)

A. A-Reva T. Kashtan Batrudinov G. Bulldog Harlamov ... More

Russian, translator
Lenny Bruce on the Irish (01:24)


Lenny, Bruce
Eddie Murphy - Raw (Italians & Rocky) (04:08)

Eddie Murphy talking about Italians and Rocky movies!  More

Eddie, Murphy
Pablo Francisco - Chinatown (02:55)

Pablo Francisco - Chinatown. More

Pablo Francisco
Pablo Francisco - Mexican Music (01:57)

Pablo Francisco - Mexican Music. More

Pablo Francisco
Pablo Francisco - Jackie Chan - Bruce Lee - Jet Li (06:64)

Pablo Francisco - Jackie Chan - Bruce Lee - Jet Li. More

Pablo Francisco
Robin Williams - The French (01:30)

Robin Williams talks about the French.  More


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