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KATT WILLIAMS: "Date a President" - On Obama, McCain, and Palin (03:44)

Listen to Katt discuss how the country might need to date a president before getting in a relationship after the harsh b... More

Katt Williams
HILARIOUS: Obama gives Roasts McCain at Al Smith Dinner (10:27)

Barack Obama speaks at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner... More

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin and Sudeikis as Joe Biden SNL VP Debate (11:52)

Fey again returned to "Saturday Night Live" to play Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin as the sketch com... More

Tina Fey, SNL, Palin, Biden
Bill Hicks on Abortion (04:13)

Bill Hicks talks about the anti-abortion group, "Pro-Life". “I'm not a girl, I'm a guy you know? But at the same time,... More

Dave Chapelle Stand Up "For What Its Worth" (57:49)

 Nominated for 2 Primetime Emmys. Dave Chappelle-For What It's Worth finds the Comedy Central superstar in perform... More

Bill Maher I'm Swiss (01:11:54)

Bill Maher I'm Swiss More

Bill, Maher
George Carlin - Carlin on Campus (58:55)

Complete show. Carlin on Campus is the fourth HBO special by American comedian George Carlin recorded April 18-19, 198... More

George, Carlin
Eddie Griffin freedom of speech (09:13)

Eddie Griffin freedom of speech... More

Dave Chappelle Stand Up "Killing Them Softly" (56:53)

Dave Chappelle Stand Up "Killing Them Softly"... Dave Chappelle returns to D.C. and riffs on politics, police, race rela... More

David, Chappelle
Margaret Cho & Gay Marriage (04:19)

Margaret Cho & Gay Marriage...M. Cho speaks the truth and is hilarious while doing it. From Margaret Cho's Assassin. More

Governor Sarah Palin Vlog Parody (02:53)

Governor Sarah Palin Vlog Parody...Governor Sarah Palin, Republican Vice Presidential candidate, will be vlogging throug... More

Bill Hicks Comedy: The Best of Bill Hicks (09:58)

Bill Hicks Comedy: The Best of Bill Hicks from the stand up comedian of all time! More

Hicks, Bill
Hilary Clinton & Barack Obama Mad TV Umbrella Parody (02:02)

Mad TV spoof of the Democratic race between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. This is a hilarious music video set to the... More

Lewis Black: Bush Defeated The Tree (02:28)

Lewis Black is one of the most prolific and popular performers working today. He executes a brilliant trifecta as stand-... More

Lewis, Black
BILL HICKS on War & Freedom (10:06)

BILL HICKS on War & Freedom -- A series of clips showing Bill during a number of his acts and one TV interview.  More

Hicks, Bill
Libertarian candidate for president Bob Barr at Comedy Night (05:50)

Former Congressman and Libertarian candidate for president Bob Barr making a surprise appearance at Daily News columnist... More

Bob, Barr, Comedy, Night
Jeff Dunham Achmed the Dead Terrorist (04:47)

About Jeff Dunham Achmed the Dead Terrorist: Achmed, the Dead Terrorist is a skeleton suicide bomber, with a beard and ... More

Jeff, Dunham
Bill Cosby - Natural Child Birth (12:02)

Bill Cosby: Natural Child Birth. This is a clip from Bill Cosby Himself. It was filmed in 1983. More

George Carlin on Consumerism


George, Carlin
Lewis Black compares George Bush and Bill Clinton (02:00)

Comedian Lewis Black compares George Bush and Bill Clinton...(stand up comedy) More

Lewis, Black

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