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Funny Thanksgiving - South Park - Jay Leno (Transcript) (02:54)

Jay Leno Comes to South Park Jay Leno visits Mr. Garrison's class to talk about Thanksgiving, but the kids make fun of his chin. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Shown 20th November 1997, on The Tonight Show How Kenny Dies Jay Leno walks into a flagpole, which topples over and hits a shelf on which there is a bust of Washington. The bust flies off and lands on Kenny's head, killing him. Running Time 2 minutes 54 seconds Script from "Jay Leno Comes to South Park" Cast: Jay Leno Stan Kyle Cartman Kenny Mr. Garrison and Mr. Hat -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [South Park Elementary. Class is in session. A picture of a cornucopeia hangs on the wall next to the blackboard, and another of Pilgrims is on Garrison's desk] Mr. Garrison: Okay, children, let's settle down. We have a very special guest today to tell us all about Thanksgiving. All the way from the pagan state of California, Mr. Jay Leno. [Only Clyde claps, a little] Jay: Hi, young people! Ha hah, it's great to be here. Look, you know, I just flew in to the Denver- Stan: Whoa! Check out his chin! Kyle: Yeah, dude! Kenny: (It looks like a wedge of silicone!) Stan: Kenny wants to know if that's your real chin, or if you had a silicone implant. Jay: Ahall right, all rahight, kids, very funny. Look, believe me, there isn't a chin joke you can tell me that I haven't already heard, okay? So let's just put a stop to that- Kyle: I bet you go through about forty razors when you shave, huh? Jay: All right, let's TALK ABOUT Thanksgiving, shall we? Cartman: Did you have to check that into 'oversized baggage' on the plane? Jay: [getting irritated] Okaayy. That's enough. All right? Now. Does anybody know WHY- we celebrate Thanksgiving. [Cartman raises his hand] Yes. Little boy. Cartman: Do you have to put your chin in a baby chair when you drive? Jay: Hey! We're talking about Thanksgiving! Cartman: [subdued] I bet he does. Kyle: [subdued] Totally. Jay: Come on, kids, I want to know what you children are thankful for this year. [hands go up all over the classroom as little grunts are heard] Beh besides the fact that you don't have my chin. Class: [softly] Awww. [the hands go down] Stan: [pounds his desk] I'm thankful for cable television. Because you can say words like "I'm all pissed off" and "kiss my _____" Kyle: Yeah. And stuff _____ like, "You're a dick, you bastard!" Cartman: And how about, "Why don't you- take yer testicles and wrap 'em around yer, yer penis, 'cause you look like a little monkey?!" Jay: Whoa whoa, whoa. Mis Mr. Garrison, you-… you let them talk this way in school? Mr. Garrison: Oh, I can't control them. The little shitheads say whatever the fuckin' hell they want. Now children, let's talk about what we're thankful for, okay. That's what Mr. Big Shot Hollywood is here for. Cartman: I'm thankful for stuff...

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