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Bill Hicks - Revelations (1993) (video & transcript) (56:22)

REVELATIONS Transcript: Bill HicksLive at the London Dominion TheatreFX: galloping horse's hoovesCUT: the moonFX: howling wolvesCUT: a Black Slab, looking rather like the Monolith from "2001". Fog clouds play across it.CUT: a white horse, carrying a masked man, who also wears a hat and cloak.The horse rears back and whinnies - the rider spurs the horse, which breaks into a gallop once moreVoice Over (Bill): On December 16, 1961, the world turned upside down and inside out, and Iwas born screaming, in America.CUT: (Tower?) Bridge - the horse and rider cross the bridge, approaching the cameraVO: It was the end of the American Dream, just before we lost our innocence irrevocably, and the TV Eye brought the horror of our lives into out homes for all to see.CUT: The rider dismounts upon a cobblestoned street, and leads his horse past the burning shells of televisions.FX: howling wolvesVO: I was told when I grew up, I could be anything I wanted. A fireman, a policeman, a doctor. Even the President, it seemed. And for the first time in the history of mankind, somthing new called an Astronaut. But like many kids growing up on a steady diet of Westerns, I always wanted to be the cowboy hero. That lone voice in the wilderness fighting corruption and evil wherever I found it, and standing for freedom, truth and justice.CUT: the Dark Rider throws a lighted match into an oil drum full of newspapers.VO: And in my heart of hearts, Istill track the remnants of that dream, wherever I go, on my never-ending ride into the setting sun.CUT: zoom in on flamesFADE: to a picture of the moon against a black backgroundAn opening appears in the black background. A figure stands in the opening, silhouetted by flames and smoke. The figure emerges, bows, and hangs his hat and cloak on a microphone stand, while the opening behind him closes and is replaced by the '2001' monolith. A silhouette appears behind him, lit in pinks and reds, which (as far as I can tell) is either meant to signify either a city, or the Ruins of Civilisation. hmm.-----------------------------------------------------------[wild applause]You're in the right place. It's Bill.I'm living out in Los Angeles now so, you know, I like coming over here, you know, for the weather.You guys have weather. Cool.Los Angeles, every day, hot and sunny, today, hot and sunny, tomorrow, hot and, for the rest of the... hot and sunny, every single day, hot and sunny. And they love it."Isn't great, every day, hot and sunny?"What are you, a fucking lizard?Only reptiles feel that way about this kind of weather. I'm a mammal, I can afford coats, scarves, cappuccino and rosy cheeked women.LA is the home of the pedestrian right of way law. What this law is, is if a pedestrian decides to cross the road, anywhere or any time on the road, every car has to stop and let this person cross the road. Yes, 'cos only in LA does common courtesy have to be legislated. Ha ha haEvery car has to stop. Pretty ludicrous in light of the city we're ...

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