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Happy Mother's Day! (04:28)

Lyrics: Wake up - 11 a.m. and all the kids are gone, This is what I like to call: Time for mom, Grab a cup of coffee Mark made for me, And I turn on the Today Show, the only thing on TV Ooh, Jessica Alba's on today, maybe I'll text Kyle and see if he's surprisingly near a television where he can catch her on TV No? He has class right now... that's right. Lean over the tub and wet my hair, I put all my make up on, so I don't give people a scare, Oh no where are my glasses? I can't seem to find my glasses. Seriously I just had some on my head, Oh there are some on the table there, And that table over there, And a couple pairs next to the snot rag I was just sitting on, Now I'm stuck at work for five more hours, And now my mood's gone sour, Cuz I think of the Oprah I'm gonna miss, Dr. Oz is on, he's so good looking and smart I wish Mark was more like him, Pull in from work, and throw another piece of furniture in the garage, So it makes it a little more difficult to walk in there, Oh Kyle's sleeping, well I'm sure he wouldn't mind if I wake him up and ask him a bunch of questions right away, And while I'm asking him questions I'll turn on all the lights in the house - great idea, Cyn! How was school? Did you learn anything? What did you learn? Did you let the dogs out? Did you feed them? What's more important feeding them or letting them out? That's right letting them out! What do you want for dinner tonight? Your choices are things made out of chicken, Can't think of anything? I'll just bread the chicken tonight, Take the same glass of milk I had with dinner, And I grab about 4 vienna finger cookies, and I sit on the couch, And for the next 2 hours I'm not getting up I'm just switching between American Idol and Dancing with the Stars, And as we're watching those couples dance Mark will ask "Honey don't you wish their lives were ours?" and I'll say "No. I love being a mom. I love Tara, Kristen, and Kyle, they're my pride and joy. Those two girls and that beautiful boy." And just then Kyle will bust through that door with his guitar, Looking handsome, ripped, and chiseled as always, and he'll sing, "Good day or bad, happy or sad, I just wanna say I love you, for everything you do, You do everything that you're able, Work a stressful job, and put food on the table, I'm certain a son couldn't ask for a better mother, And if I was given a choice, I wouldn't choose another, And last but not least, I just want to say, Thank you mom, and Happy Mother's Day." And then Kyle will gaze to see my reaction and I'll say: "Please Kyle, wait until the commercial."

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