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Jeff Dunham Peanut (06:05)

About Jeff Dunham Peanut: Peanut is a woozle, a type of mammal creature with purple fur and a shoot of green hair on his head. He has one shoe on his left foot which he claims he found instead of losing the other one. He often makes fun of popular culture in a less cynical manner than Walter does, and is generally more light hearted in his jokes. Like Walter, he makes fun of Jeff at every instance, often making implications that Jeff is a homosexual. Peanut often works in conjunction with Jose Jalapeño on a Stick, with whom he often makes fun of, usually by coming up with questions about how he came to America, and how he got on the Stick. Source:

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cindy nelson peanut is so cute, i love him so much, he means the whole world to me,
he is my new boyfriend, i would love to run my fingers in his hair,
and i would look into his eyes, and smile,
because i want to kiss him on his lip,s
bat my pretty eyes at him, flirt with him, blow kisses at him,
smile agien, makeout with him, love him for the rest of my life,
because he,s a good friend, i wanna touch his heart,
i will always love him forever and ever,
i will never give up on him, and i will never let him go,
my love will never die, it keeps on growing and growing,
@ Wednesday, November 5, 2008 11:09 AM by cindy nelson
cindy nelson peanut,,, il ove you alot, because you are my sweetheart from heaven
and i want you to know that i care for you alot,
for you i would sing to you,a song from my heart,
i love you , you love me,we,re a happy family, with a great big hug,and a kiss from me to you won,t you say you love me too!
oh peanut i wanna dance with you hold you close to me,
waltz with me woozle boy, i wanna dance and sing with you,
i heard you sing on youtube, you we,re wonderful, i love your voice,
i wish for you to sing to me, that way i won,t be left out,
so keep on smiling ,and think of me when you can, ilove you, see ya!
@ Wednesday, November 5, 2008 11:23 AM by cindy nelson

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