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Jeff Dunham Achmed the Dead Terrorist (04:47)

About Jeff Dunham Achmed the Dead Terrorist: Achmed, the Dead Terrorist is a skeleton suicide bomber, with a beard and a white turban. He is used by Dunham to perform comedy based on the contemporary issue of terrorism. He is known for yelling "Silence! I kill you!" at anyone in the audience who dares laugh at him, as well as "Holy crap!," and "You racist bastard!". Achmed has become a fan favorite as evidenced by the fact that his video on YouTube has received well over 66 million views, as of August 2008 and is one of the most watched videos on the entire site. Achmed has expressed a distaste for Chinese cuisine and Lucky Charms cereal explaining that the foods "go right through [him]!" Despite the jokes Achmed tells, he claims he isn't Muslim because 'Made in China' is written on his ass. His cause of death is uncertain. In "Spark of Insanity" he said he had a "premature detonation," but also claims that he was refueling his car and he answered his cell phone, while in the song "Jingle Bombs" he said he was "shot in the ass by the U. S. Military" while a bomb was strapped to his back. Source:

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