Vlogging and loss of comedy
So recently I have been looking into this thing called vlogging - basically all the cool kids do it - where you walk around with a camera or phone and film yourself telling yourself about the day's events - sounds great, right? Well I tried it once or twice back a few months, and it was disasterful (if that is a word)..(it's a cool word though)... I had trouble getting a single view, besides my own... So now I'm looking into making better vlogs and creating sketches of my scripts - instead of having them just float around on a website for other people to use. The problem is this - I dont think I'm funny anymore. Having used to have an account before on icomedytv, and getting loads of views, and having people tell me my scripts are good is great news. But recently, making scripts and showing people and the world make me realise, I've lost my comedy edge. But I haven't done anything different - I haven't sold out, or left a band member, or whatever else happens in those inspirational movies about getting your place back. I'm just not so funny anymore.

Exploring it more - I don't know if it's just my maturity levels have grown, and I no more laugh at sex jokes (though I do laugh at my old scripts all the time). But something has changed. I feel like I need to either challenge myself more or maybe give up the whole script writing comedian who can make jokes about anything. I think I have been defeated.

Well, on that sad and depressing note, thanks guys and I hope everyone has a fun time here.

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