Halloween - Curse or Pleasure

I guess I musn't be a fun person... Staying indoors whilst everyone is in the street scaring everyone with their costumes, and pedophiles are waiting by the sidelines, always praying for this day to come quicker when they can get a "quick fix". Meanwhile I'm indoors, just writing... or mucking about. I wonder if as those trick or treater's leave, they look back at my house and say, 'there lives one sad man' or 'he needs a girlfriend' or even in some weirder cases 'hey that old man in the street there is giving out lollies! You see him! The one right next to the white van'.
So maybe I should show you my timetable for this tiresome night.
6:00-8:00 = Watching my episodes of Doctor Who and Being Human
8:00-9:30 = moshing by myself to an invisible band, with my stereo on loud.
9:30 onwards = wondering why I didnt use pick up lines on those chicks who where trick or treating earlier..... yes it is a sad life.
So maybe you should go out there and trick or treat? I personally don't know why people follow american tradition... We should have our own aussie thing on that day like... wrestle a crocodile or weirder yet: sacrifice a wranger to get rid of Julia Gillard.... She does have a big nose... And has never returned one of my emails I have sent her, which is annoying for me


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