Week 1 - September 22nd (Thursday)
So now I have fallen into the annoying teenage trap of writing every annoying little thing that happens in my life (not enough room on Twitter to post all of it)... So luckily for me there is this great website in which i can torture all of my memories and my reputation in one go. So begins Week 1 of Reon's blogs (maybe i should use a fake name, like George, or Gandlaf or sexybabe245, also my youtube account if u wanna add me)

So what happened to me this week? Apart from the fact that holidays seem to create more drama then 10 minutes of watching the Gossip Girl (which is actually a rather interesting program for men time, u know what i mean), then nothing really happened this week. i feel like im starting to have more fun at school then at home. who can u talk to at home? yes well chat roulette used to be one of my favourite sites, but after the big warning and shut down of all nakedness and weirdness, u end up just talking to a normal or creepy person (at least the creepy person is willing to buy me an ice-cream).

On another note, the ritual of the very annoyingly birthday was this week for me. Of course this means all the energy normally used for wanking and watching programs is now wasted on smiling at unneccesary smiling things and telling everyone that u are having a good time. Whether they believe me, i do not know. they all probably still believe i was the actual person who made the dog pregnant. Just because the dog comes out pink, does not mean it is half human.

Now comes down to the real issue of this week. Love. The annoying thing that everyone thinks they HAVE felt, when really its just your hormones trying to motivate your penis. How the hell do u fall in love with a person at the age of 15? No offence to those people who are horny... i mean in love, but the term 'love' just does not sit right with me. I am one of the many teenagers who have fallen into this trap, but have seen the truth. Its like a version of the Matrix, where I am one of a few many people who have taken off the blind folds and seen the sexual sides of things. Now to me, the term 'i love her' basically means 'i wanna fuck her'. 'Do u think she noticed me?' now means 'how much do i have to pay for her to fuck me behind those bushes'. Now ladies reading this will now be like 'obviously u have never fallen in love'. Which is false. i have fallen in love, and was basically abused by it (by abused i mean it didnt work out, i just wanted to use a word that would get me more sympathy). The truth always hurts and that is why everyone is afraid to take off the blind fold. To afraid to accept the truth. To afraid to find out they were never loved, it was all a lie, she was a man all along. Sometimes all three suggestions. I believe the lie 'love' can be used in more mature people, but in the fantastic world of teenagers, sex is the only thing on their mind. To teengaers, holding hands does not create a big enough orgy for them, and if it does, then obviously u are a workaholic who prefers quick sex.

So after a very miserable time of horny... i mean love, birthday parties where it would be good to have plastic surgery to keep ur smile up, and being bored to the brink that i would watch brokeback mountain, i bid u goodbye for another week. Sorry for the negative note to leave u all on, espically the bit about no more naked and weird stuff on Chat Roullette.
Bub. (better then sexbabe245!!!!)


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