Harry Potter- The end?
okay so I just watched the last Harry Potter movie... and now my childhood feels over. Actually my childhood was sorta ended when i started watching porn at the age of 10, but i think this is a different sort of childhood that im expressing in harry potter now. After the end of the movie, i just kept thinking, 'what movie now'? How about the end of twilight? yes well unless they have a really good sex scene, i could easily just watch a better version of it by looking at my friends with their girlfriends... How about the new Mission Impossible movie? To be honest i believe that all 4 of the movies are remakes of themselves. Mission Impossible 2 a remake of 1, number 3 a remake of 1, and number 4 a remake of 2.... now that confused me... But what am i supposed to do now that Harry Potter is finished? there is no other good series like it... read the books again maybe? yes well if i hadnt drawn all over them in grade 1 when i read them, then it would have been possible.... if u want to know why i drew all over them, its because i liked picture books a lot more back then, and THAT was NOT a picture book... i was pretty upset about that.... still am now... what else? i could play the harry potter lego games, although i could just get my lego set out and do that... would save me having to buy the game and load it onto the computer, and then have my savings deleted 5 billion times by the little ones who somehow land on the computer, dancing on the keyboard like tom hanks in 'Big'... okay so... basically nothing i can do to get over harry potter... its like a girlfriend breaking up with you after sooooo long.... u dont know what to do without her, and now u cant imagine ur life without her, or without looking back at the memories.... I LOVE HARRY POTTER (and twilight, we technically not twilight, the series twilight, as in new moon and eclipse, i dont like twilight very much, i mean, that moustache on charlie is just creepy)...

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